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David Golenda

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Jeannette Golenda


Colorado Bar Association

Professional Handshake

In Spring of 2006 Dave Golenda received a phone call from the president-elect for the Colorado Bar Association to design and implement a true health insurance association plan for CBA members. Ex-Governor Roy Romer eliminated health insurance association plans in 1999. Dave worked with a small group of CBA members and a group from Anthem Blue Cross & Blue Shield and the team was able to implement a bonafide health insurance association discounted program effective January 2008. A main concern that Dave had with CBA and Anthem was product distribution and service.  The association health plan was structured to be sold by any licensed Anthem Blue Cross & Blue Shield agents/brokers in Colorado. The CBA helped structure territories for education and marketing purposes for their plan. Golenda Insurance’s territory is South of Monument Hill to the New Mexico border. East to Kansas and West to Utah. The Denver Metro Area is marketed and serviced by the B.I.G. agency.

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